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Happy Labor Day. Work Never Stops, So Let's Plan.

Happy Labor Day weekend! This weekend traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday season, even though SoCal experiences hot weather through October (It's ok to wear white).

Now is the time to execute your holiday plans, and better yet, start to plan for 2022.

Why now? Well, let's face it. Most people are checked out in November and December because of the holidays. If you really need to get collaboration from others or need to finalize an agreement, most of the time, it isn't easy to do it in those months. September and October are perfect times to create plans and draft goals. You have more time to get prepared.

It's much easier to finalize them in November or December as well.

I always remember my SC marketing professor said, "Piss Poor Planning Promotes Piss Poor Performance" (7Ps). He was right. In my 20 years of executing various campaigns and projects, the more we plan and prepare, the more effective our team can execute and achieve our goals.

Again, Happy Labor Day! I am grateful to have the freedom to work or spend time with my family.


September Marketing and Holiday Planning

Can you believe September is here? Autumn is coming. The first day of fall is September 22nd, which means before we know it, it will be time to start talking about the holidays. Until then, there are some fun days to look forward to in September like National Chocolate Milkshake Day or National Wildlife Day.

With so many great holidays this month, think about adding a section to your newsletter highlighting a September holiday or occasion that fits with your brand, culture, or community. Keep reading for more ideas!


Too Many Meetings Kill Creativity

I enjoy working with other people on projects where we collaborate to get new ideas, getting consensus on our plans, or just a status on our project timelines.

But sometimes groups get stuck on meetings just to meet without any real purpose.

Especially on Zoom!

I saw this on social and wanted to share:

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