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August Newsletter: Digital Advertising on Social

Wishing you a happy August! Summer is in full swing and I hope you're keeping cool. I just came back from our annual Summer vacation with the family. Getting away to recharge always feels great!

August is a big back-to-school month, therefore if your business provides back-to-school products and services, you're probably busy preparing.

Otherwise, August is a perfect month to start planning for the holiday months, which for me starts on Mexican Independence Day on 16 de Septiembre.

Blue Icon Communications recommends digital paid advertising as the best and most

effective way to reach your current base or reach new users on social platforms

and the Internet. To do an effective paid advertising campaign takes some time, especially if you fall into a special ad category.

I generally like at least eight weeks to properly prepare for a campaign to be launched, especially if we require video production, website development, or special ad approvals. Although, if you just need to boost a post with targeting, we can do that quickly.

If you're interested in paid ads on social platforms, Google, or Connected TV advertising, let's chat. We have been doing digital paid advertising for over 10 years.

Louis Reyes

August Marketing and Holiday Planning

BACK TO SCHOOL! Yes, we will see many back-to-school marketing and communications activities from our school districts and retailers as we prepare to go back.

It's still Summer and, for many of us, the hottest month, so BBQ and outdoor activities are celebrated this month.

Also, people may be hesitant to meet due to the uprise with the COVID variant, so still provide alternative safe methods to your base for travel tips or celebrate Senior Citizens' Day.


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